GWM 102C Age 4+ to 6 years

This music program is developed for children in the ages of 4+ to 6 years. The lessons will help understand basic elements of music like beat, pitch,notes, dynamics etc through singing and fun activities. Students can do this course as a foundation class before branching to classical disciplines or pursue it to on its own to enjoy music and its rudiments through a program that borrows from various genres.It will help children make choices on the kind of music that appeals to them as they will flavor different kinds of songs.

Course Format

Batch Size: 3 (Online Classes), 6 (InCampus Classes)

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week


Age 4+ to 6 years


  • Bring awareness on the different influences of music from nature
  • Unravel basic musical elements like beat, beat patterns, pitch, notes, dynamics etc through singing and fun activites
  • Build appreciation in music by exposure to different language and cultural songs.

Learning Outcomes:  

  • Be able to hear music in every day life in nature ( will help in creating and composing)
  • Be able to sing a repertoire of songs from different languages and cultures ( builds appreciation)
  • Be able to understand the first layer of musical basics. – like what are beats, beat patterns, pitch, notes, dynamics..etc? ( builds foundation)
  • Be able to start to relate these basics to their singing or playing (leads to comprehension and creation )

Origin of Music

  • story of set context
  • buzzing bee
  • barkha Rani

Beat Patterns

  • chuppa chuppi – keeping the beat
  • Oats and beans and barley grow – beat patterns

introduction to Notes

  • Sa Se Sawan
  • Swara mapping – Stop says the Red light
  • Do a Deer Swara mapping
  • Is Sapthak Mein


  • Yes I can
  • High is Better than Low
  • High – Low you are on a seesaw


  • Prepare for Performance
  • Performance

World Music

  • Hello from around the world
  • Marathi Regional song
  • Garba song
  • Diwali Song


  • Laal Taanga


  • Call and Response and Unison Patriotic Singing

Ganesha Songs

  • ek do teen char ganapathi