GWM 104B Age 8+ to 10 years

This course has been designed for the age group 7 to 10 years of age. Children at this age have clear preference on their musical choices and this program will offer students a platform outside the classical discipline. Children can learn and enjoy music without affiliation to a particular genre. Singing and understanding music through simple activities can be appealing to a wide range of children.

Course Format


Batch Size: 6 (InCampus Classes), 3 (Online Classes)


Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week



Interest in learning Music



  • Sing a reportoire of songs
  • Start to understand concepts and sing, rather than listen and imitate
  • Help understand complex musical concepts through songs and activities
  • Build awarness of music from all around the world
  • Help create simple compositions

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to sing wide range of songs
  • Be able to understand elements and sing – rather then listen and sing
  • Be able to understand how geography and culture has influenced music all around the world
  • Be able to start ideating on simple compositions
  • Be able to have an understanding enough to make personal musical choices

Introduction to the world of Music

  • Why Music?

Rhythm & tempo

  • Strong beat
  • Keeping a rhythm pattern
  • Beat grouping
  • Singing slow and fast
  • Note values


  • Swaras
  • Melody
  • Swara Mapping


  • Loud and soft – expressive singing


  • Preparing for performance
  • Final Performance

World Culture

  • World music
  • Turkey song
  • Garba song
  • Diwali song


  • Loud Vs Soft
  • Staccato Legato

tarse nayana

  • tarse nayana

Grumbling Song

  • Grumbling Song

Musical form

  • Form


  • texture