Hip Hop Dance


It is a form of dancing which has a lot of style and attitude and is enjoyed by people of different age groups. Hip hop is a form of musical expression and dance movement that includes a wide range of stylish techniques, notably breaking, locking, and popping. This artistic culture primarily danced to Hip-hop music and is very popular among grown up kids and youth.


This level imparts training in the fundamentals of hip hop dance. The course shall address on the following aspects:

  1. Introduction of various elements of hip hop Old School and New School
  2. Basic movements
  3. Across the floor
  4. Rhythm and footwork and application of the same in choreographed dance.

Target Mass               10 years and above

Duration                     12 weeks (Each week comprises 2 classes of 60 minutes durationation)


This module of Hip Hop works on overall alignment, strength, flexibility and versatility

Review of hip hop concepts of basic course

  1. Fine tuning of movements.
  2. Popping-locking, breaking(B-Boying) and isolations;
  3. Major styles of Hip-Hop expression Freestyle, Cypher, and Battle
  4. Heightened and increased tempo
  5. Understanding influence of music on choreography
  6. Choreography sessions

 Target Mass               11 years and above

Duration                     20 weeks (Each week comprises 2 classes of 60 minutes duration)